Merry Merry Xmas!!

I have done sooooooooo much baking. I love it! I have probably spent about 30 hours in the kitchen and it makes me happy. My clothes however, are not so happy. I have a pile of sweats covered in flour, sugar, and lots of sticky things!

I am at work which sucks but I will be leaving shortly to get ready for church and then a hectic but fun evening!

Yesterday: 4 mile run- 4 points
30 minute elliptical (on the glute track and it was tough)- 2 points
and 60 minute Bosu Bootcamp class- 4 points
Total- 10 points

45 minute elliptical- 3 points
15 minute quickie leg lifting- 1 point
Total- 4 points

Definitely tkaing tomorrow off unless I get a walk in with my grandparents after dinner! Hope that it is the happiest of holidays for everyone- enjoy them to the fullest!


Fam Comes First

I’m taking a little break from blogging because there is alot going on in my family and I just need to spend meal time focusing on them and not my food. I have been taking some pictures and doing some reviews so I will definitely have goodies and such when I get back. I have also been spending massive amounts of time baking so I have some really great recipes!

I do want to keep up with the Bootie Buster Challenge so I will be at least posting my results, if not my food and such. Hopefully things will slow down and I can put as much effort into this blog as I want to- which means redesign and some regular posting!

Heres the Bootie Buster Totals since Thurs

30 elliptical- 2 points
30 strength- 2 points
45 min elliptical- 3 points
4 mile run
2 mile walk- 6 point total
Mon- 30 elliptical- 2 points
4 mile run- 4 points
30 abs- 1 point

Weekend total: 20 points

Double the Fun

I totally tried two new (for me) products yesterday so I get to give you two lovely reviews.

Yesterday morning I started the day with a banana and half a Pumpkin Clif Bar. Holy yum!!! This beauty tops my list of Clif bars- the only problem I encountered with it was that it was a bit sweet for morning time. I’ll save it as a sweet snack in the future. But it was much more pumpkin-y then I would have thought and I reallllly liked the addition of the plump raisins. I can’t wait to buy more!!


When I came back from my 7 mile run and did 20 minutes on the elliptical, I tried another new product- Kashi Vive.


I was really disappointed. I didn’t think it had any graham flavor whatsover, it got soggy fast, and it slurped up and absorbed all my milk. I did try it straight out of the box, however, and really enjoyed it. In fact, I had quite a good amount of handfuls. Looks like this is going to be another munch cereal, but then again, what cereal isn’t?

For lunch I wanted sweet potato fries and decided to make them with some Old Bay seasoning. I also enjoyed a delicious salad with carrots, chicken, and honey mustard dressing. Having plain, precooked chicken in your fridge just makes meal decisions so simple!




Not even 30 minutes later I was ravenous and started eating many handfuls of Cinnamon Puffins. I finally realized all the handfuls in the world weren’t going to satisfy me and I should actually make a snack, sit, and eat it. So i had unsweetened applesauce topped with Puffins before making my way to the mall. I also packed a bag of grapes to eat on the car ride home from the mall, and had a yogurt before dinner.


Dinner was light and quick- just a three egg white omelet with green and red pepper and onions and salsa on the side. I also snacked on some cereal and fresh pineapple.


This mornings breakfast and pre-workout snack were exactly the same. I did grab a few handfuls of tostitos for a salty kick- funny how my camera is never around when I make snacky choices! If I remembered to take a picture I’m sure I would chose healthier options lol! Maybe that is why said that blogging is good for your health!  For lunch since I needed to use up the rest of the red and green pepper I made a hawaiian stirfry. I used a homemade hawaiian sauce and sauteed green pepper, onion, red pepper, and pineapple in it. The flavors were absolutely delicious and made me think of summer- top this with some brown rice and you have quite the yummy meal!



Bootie Buster
7 miles- 7 points
20 elliptical- 1 point
4 miles- 4 points
15 minute elliptical- 1 point
30 minute abs- 1 point
Total: 14

Long overdue

Posting food pictures has been long over due but here I am.

But first a lovely pic of Brett from the Jets game I was at this weekend!


This morning I woke up and ran 3 miles on the treadmill, busted out 30 minutes on the elliptical, lifted abs for 15 minutes and arms for 15 minutes.

I refueled at work with coffee, oatmeal and a banana.



I still need some oatmeal to go ideas. This is so simple and tasty to heat up at work, but I know that making my own would be much easier. I definitely want to stick with oatmeal though- my office has no insulation so I really need the warm oats to heat me up! I wear a coat almost all day at work- how ridiculous is that?!

Lunch was leftover chicken (just sauteed in some white wine) with a Steamer bag of carrots and broc.


I reallllly liked these vegetables. They are seasoned, but since they are one of the steamer bags they don’t have any gross and unhealthy butter sauce on them. They were quite tasty- and you can’t beat a 4 minute microwave heat up. I will definitely be taking these to work some more.

Mid afternoon I needed my snack of a golden delicious apple and a fruit salad with pineapple, and red & green grapes. I’m planning on having the other half of the fruit salad with some yogurt for dessert ; )


About an hour later I decided I was going to go to the gym straight from work to try out the Bosu Bootcamp class. I used to take a Bosu class at Rowan University and I absolutely loved it! I wasn’t sure how much fuel I would need for the 45 minute class so I decided to play it safe and eat a Clif Z bar to hold me over.


The class ended up lasting an hour (thank goodness I ate the Clif bar) and it was really enjoyable. I joined this gym for a trial month just to see if I like it (and because the month was free). I like exercising on my own but I have really missed the fun that comes from group exercise classes. I hope to take full advantage of my membership the next month. But anyway, the class involved differents steps, squats and jumps on the bosu ball. It also incorporated abs, pushups, jump roping, jumping jacks, and a body bar. I think it was great overall but I have to admit I felt like it was not challenging enough for me. The only time I really felt tired was when we used the jump rope for extended periods of time. But I have to wait for an honest opinion when I wake up and see how sore my legs are tomorrow!!

I was ravenous when I came home and enjoyed a turkey taco and a big turkey taco salad with taco meat, salsa, ranch dressing and some cheddar cheese. I definitely went back for another salad after this big one!


Todays Bootie Buster Total:
3 mile run- 3 points
60 minute Bosu Class- 4 points
30 minute elliptical- 2 points
15 ab- .5
15 arms- 1
Total: 10.5


Sorry I have been such a bad blogger! I promise I will be better. The truth is, a lot has been going on with my family right now, and even though I have been taking pictures of my food, etc. I have been kind of exhausted to post at the end of the night. When I got home last night I did 15 minutes of legs before dinner, then afterwards walked three miles to blow off some stress. I just found out that both my grandparents need to have chemo (my grandmom for breast cancer and my grandpa for melanoma) and they both found out this news within a week from each other.

I will be back to regular posting hopefully tonight. You will probably be seeing even more workouts ( I already did an hour and a half this morning) because that is how I deal with stress- and icecream and chocolate of course!!

Monday total:

4 mile run-  4 points
3 mile walk- 3 points
15 minute legs- 1 point
Total: 8 points

See you tonight and I will be in a better mood, I promise!

J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets!

Okay, I know that I am a Giants fan, but the Jets game was soooo exciting to be at yesterday. It literally came down to the last ten seconds of the game. You would have thought I was a Jets fan, hardcore, the way I was jumping up and down and screaming. The day involved lots of coffee, hot beverages, potato chips, goldfish, and hoagies. I have some fun Brett pics I will put up later.


I took yesterday off from working out (Sun. is usually my off day) but somehow I was still super sore during my 4 mile run this morning. I’m guessing all the jumping and walking yesterday made it not a real off day.

But here is my first week Holiday Bootie Buster total: 46.1 !!! Alright : ) I know I work out a lot but this made me realize how great it really is! Love it
Mon- 7
Tues- 12.1
Wed- 3.5
Thurs 8.5
Fri- 6
Sat- 9


Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. Work exhausted me and I was definitely tired and cranky and just wanted to chill out. I did manage to get a nice little 4 mile run and 2 mile walk on the treadmill in, however. But I decided to screw lifting and abs.

This morning I woke up and had a glorious Starbucks while foodshopping. I did a 30 minute ab workout after, ate a banana, and geared up for the freezing cold and wind.


So it was extremely frigid. My underarmour was not helping me out, but the worst feeling of all was the extreme pain in my hands. Underarmour gloves were no match for today’s weather. Still, I felt AWESOME running. I’m thinking that this was from eating about 1,000 calories in cereal and chocolate before bed last night. When I eat alot I run fast as hell and I have to tell you, I felt unbelievable out there. It also probably helped that the whole time I was running I was thinking that I was totally bad@$$ for being out there in the weather and how much I rocked. I imagined that people driving by were thinking how extreme I was instead of how crazy I was. (By the way its now pretty nice out…guess I should have had patience and waited till the afternoon!)

Oh yeah so I did 8.1 miles in 55:34. My last mile was 6:24- heck yes!

Breakfast needed to be HOT! Coffee and oatmeal pleaseee!


I baked some brownies after breakfast to take to the Jets game tomorrow then set out on errands for Xmas.

When I got back I still wasn’t starving and feeling myself so I settled on a salad with honey mustard dressing, parmesan cheese, red pepper, tomato and a pickle on the side.


A little later I was hungry again so I started picking at pineapple and cereal, then decided to make a vanilla protein shake with skim milk and a bowl of pineapple and grapes. I’m sure I will have a sandwich or bar to hold me over for dinner- I think my stomach is still a little off from all of my food last night.



Bootie Buster:

6 miles- 6 points
8 miles- 8 points
30 abs- 1 point

Friday & Sat total= 15 points

Tomorrow is my off day but I may squeeze in a light walk after the game ; )